Some days are meant to be lazy in bed with a book, messy bun, good music and warm cup of karak chai . So how about if it’s raining …… 

Rains are blessings of God, and I believe we need to be greatful for that and enjoy our day . To cherish each rainy day has come up with an amazing offer for today March 21 , yes it’s Mother’s Day and it’s raining here in Dubai 

So what’s the offer , every one gets a free karak chai , have the chai and enjoy the day Is a casual dining restaurant offering boutique Indian cuisine . At pepper mill each dish a creative invention of traditional recipes.
They believe that the food like the people should constantly evolve and adapt. Their main aim is to give us a glimpse of some regional classic dishes that were cooked in the royal kitchens served to Maharajas and Emperors of India with contemporary twists and unfettered modern creativity.

So drop down and enjoy your karak chai and the place too. I love the ambience and collectibles here .


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