I actually thought , I wrote a blog update about this place , but I dint to my surprise how did I miss it. A big thanks to my insta follower who messaged me asking the same.

I have been seeing this abaya outlet Mall since ages while traveling to sharjah and always wanted to check out what are the stuffs and what it is .

So one fine day during Ramadan me and my friend went to explore . As it was Ramadan , we dint know the timings we went around some 11 am .

The mall is called Mamzar Mall , The mall is located in Deira , Mamzar  area . Facing towards the main road . The abaya outlets are in the top floor.

The mall has a rug shop and chandelier shop , also few cafes and perfume stores . I dint explore all those .


I  dint see any branded abaya outlets . All were normal abaya outlets with price range of 150-350 dhs .
There was a quite a good collection of stuffs ,there was also an abaya materials shop too.

If you want wide variety of shops to hop in and hop out and select I wouldn’t suggest this place for you. I could say there is around 20 plus shops with different stuffs .

Also I could say , there is Arabic kaftan , party dresses , jalabia etc .

I got this abaya for 300 dhs , it’s got embroidery at the back .

I just shopped one abaya , for eid . Rest all I just saw and took some clicks , all are in different ranges from 150-350 dhs and yes when asked for discount they did give .

The dresses which I saw was for 150 dhs

Sorry for the low clarity pics and few screenshots from my insta page , as they were not allowing to take many pics it’s some how I managed to take in these with their permission.

My few followers did already check out the post and also did message me their feed back .



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