Being a bride is always a special feeling  for any girl or I could say for most of us . With all the excitement inside ,  also does a lot of anxiety ,fear , new hopes , plans etc do come in . It’s  definitely a roller coaster ride till you are done with the Big Day . 

Specially nowdays when now you see everything as a fairly tale kind of weddings in social media , I feel the expectations of any bride , groom , family and friends are high.

I got married in an era where social media wasn’t  that active as of now  , the brides of my era just had the choice to choose their own bridal outfit and jewelry only , but not on anything else …. or may be we dint know we could choose and plan things as how we wanted it to be .

Era is 2006 😂😂😂 , Indian style henna design is my all time  favourite  then and now . I love to have it on full arms  and in thick design  .  I do still remember the struggle my aunt went through to get permission from my parents , for me to go parlour to do grooming and to get a beautician to do my make up . They were commonly known as beauticians back in those day  . But nothing of this sort of struggle was there for my sister who got married recentky .  For  her , we had her dress designed from delhi , a local mua (yes they are called now make up artists )  who did a great job on her , also we had a henna artists too . Her Henna artist was my a neighbour near husbands home, Shareena is her name don’t know if she has her active henna account I need to check on that .

. A file pic of Shabosphere 😜

Recently when I saw an engagement dress of a friend in insta , who got married a year back or so , I did ask her about the details of the dress and she said she herself designed it …. I must say it was a pretty princess gown …. and I immediately told her  ; how I wish I could re marry again now , just for the dress and all the wedding planning fun .

One of the major part of any wedding plan is now Bridal Henna . Mostly every one celebrate it as a grand function too … Mylanchi function (the wedding eve, hennah party ) . 

Normally all brides a day ahead of their mylanchi , do all of their self grooming like waxing , facial , pedi-mani, hair cut etc and also henna designing and just be ready to enjoy …from then they get into a wedding feel or Bridal mode . 

Today I am just talking about Bridal Henna ; for my wedding I did have a henna artist from the parlour I did my grooming , she did design on one hand but I dint like the design .. so the other hand , with help of mycousin I managed to do it myself . I must say the artist still did a great job . And oh yeah I used to put Henna quite often before not now any more , like any other art this also needs practice and due to lack of practice my works are really shabby now days and also outdated designs only comes in for me .

I do have a pic of me putting henna for other kids on my wedding eve at my hubbys home. Yes I was lucky to have two mylanchi one at my side and one at hubbys side . I wish I had that pic now to share it here .I was the star there , that day bride designing henna for all kids 🤣🤣🤣🤣 

In Kerala from June it’s major wedding season , mostly for the NRI families to take part too . I got many requests from my insta followers asking about henna artists in Kerala  , so that’s how I planned to put up a post . Asked henna artists to contact me so I could feature them  . I did prepare some basic info questions , and what they answered I have posted here. 

This below message is what I messaged  to all the artists , my followers recommended. 

“If your interested to be featured , kindly message or mail me back with the following details 

  • Insta / Fb profile name –
  • Charges for bridal henna-
  • Charges for normal henna-
  • Do you make your own henna-
  • Which area of Kerala do you provide your service –
  • Contact details-
  • Also one henna pic with ur logo/name” 

Their reply is what I have pasted here , some have private account some do have public account .Hope I have included almost all who messaged me , if I did miss any ones profile who messaged me , kindly please do message me a remainder message . I will add it here .


  • I have not availed any service from any of these artists , nor do I know any of them personally , these are suggested by themselves and some follower friends .
  • This is not any sort of paid collaboration, this is just a sharing of knowledge.
  • You should , contact them and be sure to check their works or ask for any testimonial and then finalize .
  • Not only for Bridal any occasions To design henna you can contact them.
  • Sorry for the screen shot quality pic , as I asked them to message me on insta …. you know you can’t save pics from insta.

I wish all the brides reading out my blog now,  that hope you find a good artists of your budget and May god bless your new life ahead with lots of happiness and good health . (Ameen) . Be positive and enjoy all your little wedding moments 🤗🤗🤗 . Also do invite me for your wedding  🤣🤣🤣 . Nah ….. just send me pics of your henna incase you select any of the below suggested artists .

Some how all the suggestions are from calicut and north Malabar based , if you know any other artists from other districts please do message me . So let’s get started 

  1. Jesma Mithun

Jesma Mithun is a Professional Henna Artist from Kerala. She does unique henna art for any occasion and the henna paste is made using high quality organic natural Henna freshly made by the artist. 100% chemical free.

For appointments and bookings for 

• Bridal Henna & Brides Maids

• Engagement Henna

• Personal henna appointments

• Group henna appointments

• Henna Parties

• Henna – Baby showers
2. Alfa

  • Insta profile name- @mehandibyalfa
  • Charge for bridal design -4k
  • Charge for normal design – 100/- each side 
  • Henna cones from @jesmamithun_hennaartist 
  • Services in calicut and malapuram
  • Contact no.: 9072815865

3. Farzana Fara

  • *Insta name – farzanafara
  • * Fb profile name – Mehendi Artist Farzana
  • *Charges for bridal henna- starts from 3500 – 10000
  • *Charges for normal henna- 200rs
  • *Do you make your own henna- yes I do make my own henna cones. I get my henna powder and oil from bombay
  • *Which area of Kerala do you provide your service – ernakulam, trissur, alapuzha, 
  • *Contact details- what’s app / call 8086339979 
  • Email: [email protected]

4. Jammy BridalJammys_bridalmehendi

  • For brides per hand Rs 2500/-
  • For legs Rs 1000/-
  • Normal henna 750/-
  • We do our henna privately for brides
  • We do mainly in calicut city
  • For other places prices may vary
  • Contact details DM this_is_sayya or Jammys_bridal mehendi
  • Call or Whatsapp on 9567854429

5. Fida Sayed Shouki

  • Insta / Fb profile name – fidha Syed Showqi 
  • Charges for bridal henna – both hands – 3000 , both legs – 1000
  • Charges for normal henna – 750 per hand 
  • Do you make your own henna – No,but homemade henna only 
  • Which area of Kerala do you provide your service – Malappuram and calicut
  • Contact details – call or whatsapp at +919633797673

6. Sherin Hizana

  • Fb- sherin hizana
  • Charge for bridal will be 500 indian rupees per hand
  • Normal 200 rs
  • I dont make my own henna but i use halal good quality mehndi cones only.
  • I do services within waynad region.
  • Contact 755809012 or 7907818207

7. Sanam Shams

  • My insta is sanam_shams
  • Fb – sanam shams
  • May b for normal – 400-700rupees depending on the design.
  • Bridal-1250.
  • U can email me in this same [email protected]
  • Service  thalassery and calicut.

8. Rizah

  • Insta / Fb profile name – Rizz_mehndi_art
  • Charges for bridal – 550 per side (Rs. 2200 for full hands) (1100 for feet)
  • Charges for normal – 200/- ( starting ) (others based on design)
  • Do you make your own henna- yes! I do
  • Which area of you provide your service – thalassery, Kannur
  • Contact details – whatsapp : 9539658878 , call : 9539658878 , 9544693396

9. Nibah Henna 

  • Insta / Fb profile name – nibah_henna
  • Charges for bridal henna- 7,000
  • Charges for normal henna- 4,000
  • Do you make your own henna- No, I get it from parlour
  • Which area of Kerala do you provide your service – Thalassery, Kannur, Mahe
  • Contact details- +919400914360
  • Also one henna pic with ur logo/name

10. Shammu Shaz

  • Insta : Henna_bridal , 
  • bridalhenna: rs2000 (hnds nly), normalhenna: rs 1000 (palms),
  • available at thalassery, 
  • Cntctnmbr 9746651351

11. Suhana Azeeb

  • Insta name: suhana_azeeb
  • **Bridal package**
  • 4sides Hands-1500₹
  • 2 feet -250₹
  • Arabic design-100₹ extra per hand
  • Fusion design-110₹extra per hand
  • **Normal henna**
  • Arabic -250₹
  • Indian -200₹
  • Fusion-280₹
  •  No, i dont make my own henna bt my henna is purchased from kasargode….actually my husband’s friend makes dem.
  • My service is provided in kannur 
  • Contact details- 8606069625

12. Synsi 

  • Insta name – mehendibysynzz
  • Charge for bridal henna- both hands ,both sides ,upto elbow-₹2000-2500
  • Charge for normal henna-both hands both sides- ₹1600-2000
  • Call me -+918891256595 or whtsp
  • I do not make my own henna
  • I provide my service in kannur☺️

13. Fathima Faisal

  • Insta / Fb profile name-fathimafaisal.henna
  • Charges for bridal henna- starting 500 per side. Depends on length and intricacy of design. 
  • Charges for normal henna- Starting 100. Can increase upto 500 again based on length and intricacy of design 
  • Do you make your own henna- Yep. Been making for about a year now. Recently started selling. All natural with no preservatives or chemicals.
  • Which area of Kerala do you provide your service – Kannur. I work from my home.
  • Contact details- DM me on my Instagram or hit me with a mail at [email protected] 

14. Aisha

  • Insta / Fb profile name – aisha badsha
  • Charges for bridal henna-2500-3000 
  • Charges for normal henna- 500 for both sides per hand
  • Do you make your own henna-nope. But uses organic hanna from shops.
  • Which area of Kerala do you provide your service – kannnur based
  • Contact details- 8606085447

15. Anzira Anzi

16. Fasina

My name is fasina

I does henna all sort bridal, black henna tatoo, indian , arabic , and tatoo in calicut ,kerala and dubai uae.

  • Insta – fasina_Moideen
  • Fb – fasina MP
  • Charges for bridal henna – depends upon the design
  • Free for brides from less financial background
  • Charges normally back in kerala from 4000-7000 rupees for full bridal package including both hands till shoulders Legs Back neck etc 
  • I have my own henna wich is dark
  • In kerala it is 00919895048223

17. Liyah

  • Insta name- mehandibyliyah
  • Bridal-3000 for hands and 1000 for feet
  • Normal- ranges from 200-1000 per hand
  • I don’t make own henna.
  • Calicut 

18. Shana

  • Instagram: shanashirinanu or (noir_tly)
  • Fb: shanasajid
  • Bridal: 5000
  • Normal: 2000( one side:500)
  • Area: Thalassery,kannur
  • Mob: 9526861706   9946170611


  • @crimson_mehndi
  • Bridal henna 4500 (hands till elbow and feet)
  • Party henna (Wrist length)Simple arabic one side 200.
  •  Arabic with medium coverage 250. 
  • Indian 300
  • Bangle length indian 500
  • Homemade henna cones
  • Taking orders from ernakulam and calicut
  •  number 9645581809

20. Hekdha

  • Insta / Fb profile name -hekdhaah
  • Charges for bridal henna-2000
  • Charges for normal henna-800
  • Do you make your own henna-No we select the best from market
  • Which area of Kerala do you provide your service -calicut mainly
  • Contact [email protected]

21. Shazna

  • ID→ @Shaznah._
  • Fb→ @indulgenceart
  • 2000 starting for bridal henna
  • 50-100 per side for normal
  • Cones made onrequest
  • Area→kasargod,payyanur,Thaliparamb and kannur
  • Contact-DM in insta/+918606182691

22..Noor Shafz



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