One of the fact we all adore about dubai is the winters and the option of street shopping . Not only high end malls , we also have good quality souqs to shop too . The winters are not very harsh here , it’s just like a cool spring of Europe. The best time to shop out in Dubai is during winter , specially during December people tend to travel abroad so yeah it’s less of traffic and yes many sales and offers also comes up .

Always seeing my shopping Insta Stories , I do get a lot of messages from followers ,!where and what and all ? . And yes very few ardent supporters do even request to take them out …. so yesterday was such one request , an impromptu shopping day . On Saturday Ahsana messaged me asking about shopping and eating plans and we planned to go on Tuesday. She stays in the new dubai area and me in the old dubai area, so we planned up to meet at a common point . She took metro to Rashdiya station and I picked her up from there and we drove to Deira .She has her sisters some function coming up and wanted to shop few hijabs and running materials/ fabrics . Eating out plan dint work out as we spent all our last reserve penny and time there.

BE AWARE Souq Shopping is dangerous to your hubbys wallet. πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

Deira Naif is the best shopping option for textile lovers , be it if you want to shop as a whole sale or per meter. Literally I have shopped materials from naif and designed it to grand dress for my brothers wedding and also for my sister one of her wedding dress materials was sourced from Naif and we designed it .

Be it a party wear , casual wear , kids, gents , abaya, night gowns, perfume , spices everything and anything you get it here , just you need to be free and walk around and explore the place with time and money .

The best option is to come alone either by driving or metro or cab . If by metro you need to take Baniyas station , get down walk and ask Naif souq. If you plant to Drive then need to put up in google map naif police station , there are three parking buildings one in front of Naif police station, another is Naif souq basement parking and other is Al Manal Centre basement parking .

Naif souq is one of the oldest trade souq in dubai . It has almost all stuffs , from kids dress to nightwears , abaya , shoes , mobile covers , bags , electronics , fake make ups, artifacts , jalabiya, abaya , hijab etc …. prices at naif souq is little more than the shops outside it. But in generally the prices are lesser than th malls we shop and we can bargain too .

Not only naif souq the buildings around it and the alleys around also have a lots of textile shops . You just need to walk and explore.

Kuwaiti Souq is just opposite Naif souq . Any one if you ask , they would help you . Today we went to Kuwaiti souq and the shops around it . If you ask which shop in particular I can’t say a name as we walked around and got into 5 different shops and took stuffs .

The best thing is running materials prices are fixed to a price category so don’t pay more than that, yes be sure to pretend like you know the prices . Don’t judge me , I generally come here to shop the 5 -8 dhs material it’s the best printed Georget material and you have many options to select and designs . Either could stitch full maxi gown , cardigan, Dupatta, sleeves for top , saree etc. The only thing is you need to keep a lining .

The creape material is also 5-8 dhs which is good for winters , no need to keep lining and also no sweat smelling issues.

Listing down the price range I remember.

  • Printed or plain Georget is Dhs 5 per yard .
  • Printed or plain creape is also Dhs 5 per yard
  • The Abaya material ranges from Dhs10-40 dhs per yard it depends upon to quality and place . You get china quality and Korean also (just see the print on material ). If you shop for whole sale it much cheaper also .
  • The good quality creape hijab is 15 dhs for one piece . If you take whole sale like 12 nos they would reduce.
  • The other hijabs are 10-15 dhs range not more , if they say also you can bargain it .
  • The cotton fabric material there is two qualities one 5 dhs and other 8 dhs , both do tend to shrink a little for the first wash so either wash and give or stitch it loose.
  • The pretty lace material is Dhs 25-60 dhs range, depending on the quality of lace net
  • The thread embroidery net and thread work Georget Is Aed 30-60 dhs (Can ask for a bargain good luck on it )
  • The printed satin silk material is 15-40 dhs range depending on the design and material .
  • Velvet material is also 20-40 dhs range according to design .
  • Embroidered Georget , linen , cotton is 40-65 dhs range .
  • Light pearl work is 35-60 dhs range
  • Heavy pearl work material is 100-250 dhs range according to the material work .
  • Raw silk different quality they have 15 dhs to 35 dhs range
  • Pure creape also 20-40 dhs range
  • Brocade is 30-45 dhs range

These are the few of the materials I have shopped from there regularly and have a rough idea , if you feel it’s wrong do message me to correct it .

Few general rule of thumb while shopping in Deira Naif .

  • Come here only if you have some major shopping or you really want to get it . Or else nope πŸ‘Ž, not a place to window shop and do time pass .
  • Don’t brag your husbands to this place , unless they are the patient kind guy who is happy to take you out , reason being traffic or no parking.
  • Best time to come is morning , by 9 if you reach you would get basement parking at Naif souq and just cross the road and shop around.
  • You need to carry money , a simple small bag would do … as none of the shops accepts card . There is an atm machine in Naif souq . And let me tell you one more thing do get all your secret money too . If your some one who loves materials, then it’s your paradise , you would shop till you drop
  • the 5 dhs per yard material they will not give any discount if you take loads also . Unless it’s full roll , for other materials yes do bargain if your good at it .
  • The place is crowded with men , not being wrong here but I have had bad experience of them gazing or walking side to side just to touch , so to be on safer side cover up and make a distance and be alert while walking around . Take good care of your kids , the sales men tend to hug kids . Please stand up for your self or anyone if you see any such attempt shout loudly and talk . This is dubai we don’t tolerate that here .
  • Next big thing unlike department store textiles is they won’t show all the prints and wait for your to select . No that kind of shopping is not feasible here , shops are small crowded with fabrics and shoppers so they only encourage serious shoppers. So if your choosy and a confusion kind person who needs lot of time to decide , please don’t come here . It’s not easy for you .
  • Yes lace shops , bed sheet shops, quilt , electronics , Home wear , accessories, kids dress , shoes ,watches , perfume , bags you get all this here to shop . Just the dupe make up I wouldn’t suggest to shop.
  • Hijabs if you buy whole sale they will reduce price .

So how do you like my shopping tips and this blog . Message me if anything more info is required or if I need to add in anything.

Posting few of the pics of materials we shopped and also few dresses we designed too .

All these are 5 dhs Georget and Creape material

the below net is 45 dhs range

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My attire for my brothers wedding , from hijab to dress material all I shopped from naif

y our theme was mom and me , so we shopped all materials from naif and then did it .


  1. Great tips, thnks so much for the infoπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š, will keep it in mind , nxt time I go to Dubai πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  2. Relevant informations… The content is fresh and compelling..πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
    Thanks for another one!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
    Keep doing πŸ“πŸ€“..

  3. Thank you for the detailed information dear.It was very helpful for people like me who has not much idea about dubai street shoping…looking forward for more interesting write ups like this…shoping is my all time favourite…If it gets for cheaper😍
    I went to naif but i was very confused of Where What and How and i had only bought few things…when i read this i feel like,should go one more time…πŸ˜€

  4. Wooow !! 😍 beautifully you have given every bit of it. Thank you so much dear for this amazing detailed information . Seeing this no one can stop oneself going here πŸ˜€ loved it ! πŸ‘πŸ»

  5. That was very informative. Next time am in dubai am surely going to naif market for all my running material all the materials you shopped.😊

  6. shabinatha you’re a real inspiration for us☺️after seeing all this i want to vist dubai and shop with youπŸ˜…

  7. All this info is so useful. Can’t thank you enough. You are doing an Amazing job. Here’s sending out to you lots of energy, love and good vibes!!

  8. Thanks a lottt for your detailed information .Thank you sooo much once again .as I was searching for place to get good material for my daughter πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘.may Allah blesss

  9. Heyyy…. was actually planning to go to naif souq tomorrow and thought of searching about it on the internet. I found this and was more than happy. Very helpful and informative. thank you soo much.


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