Well a foodie friend recommended me  this place and we went as a family , it’s inside the karama housing area . There is plenty of parking spaces around .

The restaurant has Kerala coastal shack kind of look , the interiors are done accordingly. They have more of our door seating than indoor.
We were welcomed with their power drink ginger n lemon , then for starters we ordered the mathi mango salad that is fried sardines and raw mango with spices . It was good but had more of raw mango than the fish , felt fish should have been more and crispier too.
Then we ordered fried prawns it was really yum , fried to perfection .

And then we went in for the  green tawa fry fish . Which stole all our taste buds , very crispy out and soft inside perfectly cooked its little spicy but very tasty . 

For the gravy we had the fish mango curry which was not that great and also we checked the squid roast ,squid was rubbery kind dint like it . So both the curries weren’t great unfortunately.

Even though we had mixed reviews about the place . still we would go again to check out rest of the stuffs .

I loved the fish fry will definitely come back for it for sure .

After dinner they gave us nice ginger tea .
If you love seafood do definitely come by and check .
Even though the service is little slow the fish fry will compensate it 


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