Din Tai Fung was my first Taiwanese restaurant experience.I have always seen and read in social media about the place , so that is how one day we planned to check out the place. Located in Al Qurair  mall , it has a semi open kitchen kind , where you could see workers making wanton and mommos . I did spend some time watching them doing it so gracefully . We  were greeted by smiling staffs. I could see a small red mascot too. The first thing that came in to my mind was about the name ; and I did ask them , they said it was their founders name and his first company name together joined , something like that . I was confused so came home and just googled to find out the below amazing history from their website


” The founder of Din Tai Fung was a man called Bingyi Yang. Born in 1927 in China’s Shanxi Province, he moved to Taiwan as a young man in search of better prospects.
Bingyi decided to start up his own oil shop with wholesale oil purchased from Din Mei Oils. To show his appreciation to his first boss at Heng Tai Fung, he named his new store Din Tai Fung.
However, when tinned oil went on sale around 1972, sales at Din Tai Fung plummeted. Taking advice of a friend, Bingyi and his wife turned half of their shop towards making and selling steamed dumplings. The quality and exceptional taste of Din Tai Fung’s steamed dumplings attracted many customers and the business took off thanks to its strong word-of-mouth. Spurred on, Din Tai Fung stopped selling oil and turned into the full-fledged restaurant it is today.
This was the humble and inspiring beginning of an international brand – Din Tai Fung.
For more information, please visit www.dintaifung.com.tw ”

Any ways lets talk about their franchise here in Dubai, the ambiance is simple .The service of staff is  amazing and professional too. And the food when we ordered it came in no time. Quick serving of hot food. I have suggestion, the waiters need to find out if the customer is new to their restaurant ,if yes  they need to educate about what to order. We were confused seeing what to order and everything looked wow in the menu. But what we ordered was both hit and miss later . Its later my insta followers, suggested me what to order by then we were done eating dinner.
We ordered their famous xiao long baos, i guess i named it correct its chciken soup steamed wanton . Something unique and I was having it for first time. It was amazing. The beef mommos was a flop ,it dint have any flavor. The beef fried rice was just okay and so was the chicken fried rice very average .But the chicken noodle was yum so this is what we had. Later I knew they had spicy wanton and all. Anyways  I will go back once more to explore other dishes .

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