The entire dubai is excited for Dubai Safari to open up , since the national day holidays I have been receiving many enquiries on the same if it’s opened up or if I have any idea , so when Dubai Safari opened up to the public on 12 Dec 2017, I made it sure to check it out for you guys πŸ€— .

Today morning while dropping my daughter’s project work in school , waiting for her friend to come up I was just scrolling up my whats app messages and saw a forward message in one of the groups that Dubai Safari Park has soft launched on dec 12 and it’s free entry for two weeks ie until Dec 26 , the official launch.

Being an unemployed blogger thought to explore the place for you all and fact check the WhatsApp Fwd message if is true or not . Google map helped me to reach there it’s in Warqa 4.

While driving through the entrance , I dint see any cars and was too excited thinking , I might be the only person there and could enquire and cover the Safari Park quick and come back home soon . Well the moment I entered and drove up to the park I saw 1000s like minded people like me !!!! P1 parking was full so I got to park in P2 which is also near the gate .( as of now there are no numbers so just count which lane and keep an idea , last tiring thing to do would be to walk back exhaustedly after safari and hunt the whole P2 for the car like I did )

When I walked into the gate . There was a decent queue for the ticket and I spotted my aunt and cousins they said they came up yesterday at 2 pm and dint get the ticket so came today morning again .( so point to be note is by 2pm due to rush they might close the entry to Park so do come early )

So yes today I was there by 9.30 am . After the queue from the ticket counter , next waiting line was for entering into the park …people with young babies , senior citizens and special aid folks do have priority.

Once we got in , it was very confusing even though we took the map from the entrance we had no clue of how it was so we just followed the crowd …. stood in a queue to get into a safari train . Stood around for 2 hrs in the scorching sun to get the Safari train tram … which takes you to the first stop ARABIAN VILLAGE…… it has arabian origin animals Oryx, Gazalle,Wolf etc , This Safari was hardly 5 min …. actually you could walk around and see this safari , as I did see some people walking . If we had walked we could have saved the waiting time for the tram .( or else if your waiting make one person wait and take kids to the petting area – kids farm and save the time )


Next stop our safari guide showed us on our left side was the ASIAN VILLAGE unfortunately all animals are not there , and it’s yet to open up completely that’s what I understood from her and we dint stop there . We saw from the tram people walking around in that village too . Asian Village is home to animals of Asian origins like Moon Bear, Gibbon etc also it also has a theater and in future there would be bird show and other animal shows .

To our right she did show us the long man made WADI, Wadi have many small water canals, bridges and a water fall ,you feel it like a mini scene from the animal cartoon movie Madagascar … we could see people walking around and clicking pics too.


Then the train tram drove to the next village , SAFARI VILLAGE , the main attraction of the park , where you will travel in air-conditioned closed 4 WD along with a safari tour guide , you will drive into the most diverse collection of animals .


On our way we spotted few food trucks , shopped few refreshments…. and again walked to our next hurdle – the waiting queue line …. we waited here around for 3 hrs , initially we saw few 4WD busses taking people and going for safari , around for an hour we dint see any busses and when we enquired the volunteers said the animals were sleeping on the road and they blocked the buses . Hence they don’t know when the bus would come back …. also we over heard he saying to others that the Safari trips last Bus would be by 3 pm and after that it’s feeding or resting time for animals.

The wait for Safari trip Bus was too much , but as soon as I saw the bus in front me moving ahead and a gate opening and the bus driving into a water pond , I got too excited .

So our bus came up , all the buses here are covered and specially made for this Safari … busses that can go through the water ponds, dry and rocky areas. The first gate opened up and we drove in to the water pond or water passage to see Hippopotamus, each gate opens to an enclosure of each animals territory . And in their territory they are free territory just like how in wild life …. just that the gates close and segregates each animals , this is for their own safety . We drove ahead to see zebra, antelope , ground hornbill etc . We drove further ahead to see the king of the jungle’s-territory. Lions were freely over the place for around 5 mins one of the lion did block our bus too, stood in front and then he slowly walked away .We drove ahead to see Nile crocodiles and then we moved to tigers territory. For first time i saw white stripped tiger.

The safari tour guide talks non stop about all the animals , their species which we visits, their origin and how many of them and where to spot them . So we need to be silent and listen to him . The only animals we saw in fence were the Stripped hyenas . Our guide did say , they are very new to the park and yet to be familiar with the new surroundings . There were few more animals which we saw and there are many more to come too. The last animal we saw were the cheetahs, standing up in a classy and proud style.


The last stop over to see is the AFRICAN VILLAGE, unfortunately we were so tired to stand in the queue again for the tram so we opted not to see that village .

Also we dint see the the KIDS FARM area nor the ADVENTURE VALLEY too.

We walked back to the exit through the WADI area , took few snaps at the Wadi . The next photo spot in dubai . At the exit we saw a small souvenir shop and a prayer room .

So that was my adventurous day trip . If you ask me was it worth the wait and rush ? In short I would say Yes there is rush and big waiting queues as it’s new to Dubai and free also . There are few more animals to come in and more activities also to start up , still if you consider its burden to pay money and visit the place later or else you don’t have any plans for the winter vacation then yes do take kids here and visit the place . You just need to come in mentally prepared there would be long queues and it’s going to be whole one day event .

I must mention my special appreciation to the zoo keepers and the volunteers working ,they were patient and kind enough to talk well to all the visitors. Also the Dubai Government and the Safari Park for the facilities inside , there is a well trained paramedic team on duty always we did see the first aid team hurry up to help some one , prayer room , rest rooms , baby changing room, souvenirs shop ,food trucks etc.

Dubai Safari Park is divided into 4 villages Arabian village , Asian Village, Safari Village and African Village. The kids farm is petting farm for kids .

Yes It is FREE for two weeks now , other wise the pricing of the tickets are attached below, I love the support they have given to People of determination( people with special needs).

So if you feel it’s a burden to pay and visit the place later on , then do visit it now or else wait is what I would say . Wait till all animals settle in.

The timings are Sunday to Saturday ~ 9am to 9pm. Safari Village trip ~ 9am-6pm.


Few of my tips to consider

  • Don’t miss to take the map from the counter so you get an idea of where to visit and Where to walk too.
  • If your visiting now during the free entry time , first do visit the Safari Village cause that’s where the main Safari is and more crowd too. (We took turns while waiting in crowd , when one was waiting other sat with kids in the near by pathway)
  • You need to travel light here. Easy walking shoes , caps ,light bags etc ( I took the most heaviest bag and suffered a lot)
  • Be sure to have enough battery and camera memory , cause if your some one who fancy to click or pose for pics then this is your paradise to be in.
  • Refreshments and food is little expensive here inside . Popcorn was 15 dhs and small bottle of water was 3-5 dhs . So do carry from home water and stuffs , specially for kids . I dint see any security check for bags and not sure if there is any policy for outside food .
  • You need to be prepared to walk , stand in queue and to have vitamin D overdose too (sun).
  • Inside the bus my tip would be to sit in the front window side , not in the back like me cause it’s cute to see animals walking in front of the bus and you could see both side window and front view .
  • If you prefer to see the place at ease , with no rush then it’s better to go in January when it’s paid and the animals are also full .
  • There are few more attractions and activities which are yet to open up and many more animals to come and settle in too .
  • Many animals are new to the environment now , so they are little shy and mostly under the bushes and near the waterfall …
  • There are prayer room facility at the entrance and in Safari village and in Asian Village .
  • Please don’t compare with any other safari trips you have been to , this is our Dubai style trip , it’s more of kids and family friendly Safari Park . So just enjoy the family or friends time out here and don’t expect a big adventure Safari .
  • And yes we reached there by 9.30 am and was done by 3.30 pm…. drove to mirdif found one hidden gem Bab Al Mirdif , and feasted from there , they have Indian , Kerala, pakistani, Arabic cuisines . We had decent hyderbadi mutton biriyani and we had dessert from status kitchen which just near to this and Alhamdulillah (all praise to Allah) we called it a happy day
  • If you plan to visit any of these free days do come early by 9 so could get parking and get in peacefully too. Also with kids dontake their strollers .

Some of the other Don’t Miss out points mentioned in the map (which I dint notice and see ) were

– feeding the the giraffe

– catching underwater view of pigmy hippos swimming

-meeting the volunteers around the park and feeding the animals

-learning more about animals at the theatre

-Petting , kids friendly animals at the kids farm

-cheering on a cheetah as it races full speed along in their special track.

So that’s my experience shared , will update this post once I re visit the other two villages too. Hope you guys liked it , do message me your suggestions .

check out my YouTube link of the video


  1. This is very informative for us when we are gearing up for the Safari this Saturday…i love how u have mentioned d points to explore what first to do & I will surely be doing tht to make d most of our experience..
    Thank u soo much for a detailed review…

  2. Literally i felt like i have visited dubai safari πŸ’«., shabosphere❀️U r kinda besssstttt soul I’ve ever got to know πŸ’•.. inshallah praying for the best success ahead._AameenπŸ™πŸ»

  3. Very Informative nd thanks for the warning!! Lol.. I’ll definitely go but in January(I can’t deal with an hour long queue). Love how u hv captured every detail. This is a complete review! Nd special kudos to the govt. for their understanding of ‘people with determination’

  4. Wow shabina you have summed it up well. The video was really good watch n I got to see the safari village which I missed out seeing:(. Just a few info on the places you missed out seeing. African village is our old dubai zoo on the whole. Lotss to walk around n see. Children farm can be covered while waiting in the first queue, for the shuttle bus to Arabian village. Children farm for now has mainly small animals like rabbits, turtles and flock of ducks. In the future they will also have duplicate cows to train kids to milk the cows and also pony riding. They have activity poles which the children can fiddle with and hear sounds each animal makes and another pole to hear the different rate of heartbeats of animals. And also a friendly volunteer to help you with details around the farm. My tip would be to go in big no.s so that you can take turns to go around the adjacent places while waiting in the long queue. . Guess there is also an adventure gallery which we missed out seeing.


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