Do you crave for some Kerala style , proper tattu kada aka Kerala shack style snack . Kappa mutta aka Tapioca with egg and served with coconut salsa ( do you know any better English name for chammanthi ). Check out I do have this crowd pleasing snack’s recipe . 

But before that I have a story to share , it’s about how we celebrate Eid at our home . 

First Eid is always at my home , my dad being the eldest all our relatives do come to our home the night before eid  (chaand night / perunnaal raavu) and stay over . 

Men on one side on big debate discussions ,you can guess it right , it’s always on politics. Woman on other end would be discussing on new recipes or any new offers and would be showing all the eid outfit and stuffs shopped . A bunch of kids in line with hands on my face literally to put henna , I really put shabbily ,but for them I am their pro henna artist . 

We normally don’t step out as roads are that jam packed , yes we do walk to our near by mall for an ice cream . The fun of sleep over with cousins , non stop stories to talk ….. mum would come occasionally to check if we slept  , as have to wake up early to take shower and go for Eid prayers .  I couldn’t click picture of all of us sadwhiching and sleeping together . All Men together in the hall like hospital wards and woman and kids all over room . 

Alhamdulillah , All praises  to lord, yes I am blessed to have a big mad family of 60 plus members and I could say around 15 of us are there from the day before of Eid to get in to that celebration.
We sleep only by 2am or so and then have to wake up around 4 am as to take shower and be ready for Eid prayers. Taking shower , wearing new clothes are part of our Eid celebration.

Eid prayers are held in masjid or EidGah an open area premises for just both the Eid prayers . Eid prayer is soon after the Fajr, the compulsory morning prayer . 

After Eid prayer it’s a simple breakfast beef roast and porotta , then the lunch which is a mutton biriyani we normally order it from caterers and then the mandatory big nap …. first eid is normally inside out home only as we have guest coming over. Just for dinner we plan a bbq or go out some where . So that’s end of day 1 Eid .

2nd eid is more interesting as there is lunch and a trip . The lunch is a lavish Kerala style , which is called sadhya , to be precise a non-veg sadhya (Muslim. Sadhya) . 

A big banana leaf is served as plate , in that around 10 plus curries , rice, fried fish and chicken is served . Topped with a sweet , that is payassam .

After this lavish lunch , we do have a naadan 4pm snack … Kerala style either banana fry or tapioca and fish curry . This time , my aunt made something special . I know all this story was too much for this recipe isn’t it 🙈🙈🙈😬.

So let’s get to one of our star eid dish  ,ohh yea I normally make only desserts for eid and this time I had a super super dessert pistachio milk cake , will post the recipe in next post .

One of my follower messaged me saying she saw this dish in one of the Malayalam movie and been wanting to try it since then , to post recipe . So that’s how I am posting this recipe , something not cooked by me but I did eat and it’s yum .

  • Tapioca -1 kg cubed ( fresh or frozen ) Aunt used frozen , that cooks well and evenly .
  • Turmeric -1/2 tsp 
  • Onion – 1 chopped
  • Tomato- 1/2 chopped
  • Ginger Garlic – 1 tbs crushed
  • Green chilly – 4 nos (or more for spice )
  • Curry leaves – 1 big bunch 
  • Egg -8 nos (just scramble with little pepper and salt and pinch of  turmeric )
  • Salt 
  • Coconut oil -3 table spoon or more 


  • In a pressure cooker, add the tapioca , turmeric, salt and little water and cook it . And then smash it well .
  • In another pan scramble the egg with pepper , salt and turmeric .
  • Then in same pan add oil , add onion and sauté till pink , then add ginger garlic and sauté and then add tomato and can add a pinch of turmeric if needed . Add the green chilly and add the tapioca (kolli, kappa, poola, kiyang) . 
  • Mix well add salt and pepper if needed , then add the scambled egg 
  • Some more curry leaves .

And it’s ready to serve , can serve with coconut chammanthy 

  • I cup coconut 
  • 3 small shallots 
  • 2 green chilly 
  • Curry leaves
  • Small piece of raw mango (if not add vinegar)

Mix all together in grinder , just pulse it to to make a coarse chammanthy (salsa )

Don’t forget to have karak chai also.

Do let me know your comments on this. 


  1. I am hearing this for the first time… sounds like an amazing combination… your Eid sounds so fun filled, MaShaAllah… when we used to have many of our families while we were small, it used to be like what you said, a hospital yard hehe… but those were fun days. Now we hardly have people around here and it gets a bit lonely, but Alhamdulillah ala kulli haal… that’s a lot of food, I would die of food coma! 😉


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