The two major celebrations in Islam which Muslims celebrate are both the EID.

Eid-ul-Fitr , is the first one generally known as the small eid. It is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting (sawm). On both the eid we are not permitted to fast .
Each one celebrates Eid in their own way , generally it’s dressing up , eid prayer attenthe sermon , wearing henna and having a big feast together .

This year Ramadan in my home , my eldest one is fasting barak Allah feekum , so as a token of motivation and appreciation, we will be gifting her a surprise gift on eid . So her happiness is what we all looking forward to  … May Allah bless her and all our kids with good health and protect them all from evil eye Ameen .

During my childhood I used to make Eid cards and post it to all my aunts and cousins . My mom used to encourage us on that a lot sayingbit soreads happiness and the other one thing we used to look forward to was to shop new clothes for Eid , those time it’s either birthday or eid or annual vacation trip is when I used to get new clothes unlike now where I shop any time of the year ……

Wearing new or best clothes , is a part of our Sunnah (an act which was followed by our prophet Muhammad PBUH ) I could say more it’s of an etiquette of Eid . Just like taking shower , wearing new clothes, attending Eid prayer etc …..

So that’s the mini Info about Eid , let’s get in detail about the Eid dress . 

So below is Eid shopping done for my family . They wanted Pakistani Dress (salwar suit) . Before I used to shop paskistani dresses from Meena Bazar , the famous market here in dubai …. but once I got cheated by a famous store , they tried selling a good quality copy of an original brand to me for the price of original that too claiming it is original…. after that incident I used to never shop from local market … My friend has an online fb page , she uploads pics there with descriptions of dress and it’s from there which I normally shop . She does delivery too . Till date most of the buys are success , this time there is a slight confusion as in the colour in pic and in direct is different ….. not so wow colour as that of pic , but the material is pretty ……. I am not a brand loyal customer each time I order different brands and try .

So this time I bought Al karam , Anaya and Eznik , All thes brands I am shopping for the first time .

Al karam suits , came in a luxury box and when opened it was well packed and the material were wow , totally loved it . Tall and healthy people definitely can stich long tops , as there was sufficient material .

​[wpvideo lIlImAT8]​

​[wpvideo fv9jLUDs]​The next one is Anaya 

​[wpvideo yU6ncLdj]​

Then the last was Iznik

That’s my friend Nahidas  fb page link do check out s


Al Karam is 345 dhs each .

Anaya is 255 dhs 

Iznik is 260 dhs 

Shopping is purely at your own risk, till date I am a happy customer as in she delivers on time and payment is cash on delivery , what I meant was about liking  the dress material online and then not liking it at real , there is no refund 😅😊

The video added , is which  I put up in my insta page , background music is from YouTube not mine .



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