Isn’t this packaging too sparkling for, the world’s first Organically Extracted, Metal-Free, Purified 24K Liquid Gold products. #Gavegold is TiffanyAndersons toxinfree, organic, metalfree skincare line. 

Tiffany’s story is truly one of the tragedy to triumph, something that’s really #inspiring one too. After surviving a traumatic car accident that nearly left her paralyzed, and later being diagnosed with Stage IV cancer , her body could no longer filter toxins. She drastically changed her lifestyle and discovered this line of products . 


Personally for me #Gold products does wonders . I always love Gild facials to do , so I was excited to try these products. I just loved the gell . The products I got to try were

✨Liquid Gold Peptides

✨Heart of Gold Elixir 

✨Royal Day and Night Cream

✨Golden Enzymes

Hear of Gold Elixir , is the  gold particle gell which clears un even skin tone , sun tan etc . I have just stared using 

Look ahead for more post on these products, will post after I try them for some time .  Also I saw in  their website sun C pepitide serum, which is good for brightening and sun tan specially .

You could shop these products at @bgloballlc web store.


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