My neice got a gift box and all the products in it were from cool and cool .

COOL and COOL brand , they have wide range of baby products available in market . You could shop them in all leading hypermarkets . The packaging of products are cool too . The price range of the product is affordable by all .

Check out what all products were in my nieces gift box and check out the fun we had doing photo shoot with the  products . 
🎀Cool & Cool Baby Milk Lotion 
🎀Cool & Cool Nappy Rash Cream

 🎀Cool & Cool Baby Oil

 🎀Cool & Cool Baby Powder 

🎀Cool & Cool Baby Shampoo

 🎀Cool & Cool Baby Mist 

🎀Cool & Cool Baby Foaming Soap

 🎀Cool & Cool Baby Soap 

🎀Cool & Cool Baby Wipes .



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