Kids Party means balloons ,cake , party favors , games and lots of mess ….. 

And the most tedious job for any party is blowing up balloons. Thank god with invent of balloon air pumps we can blow normal balloons with little ease . But what if you want to decorate with helium Gas filled balloons ? Normally what I used to do is rush to party Centre and checking out the prices instead of buying many balloons, I end up in buying one or two charachter balloons  only and then rest decorations I adjust with normal balloons . 

But recently all my parties have become so easy and in expensive with

Balloonee has come up with a diy balloon kit , yes make your self balloons . Yes  blowing balloons for any party be it birthday or anniversary or anything , it’s super easy now with @iloveballoonee …. 

You just need to order online and they will deliver the next day . 

​[wpvideo 7JntmHR1]​

So what is it ? They deliver a mini helium Gas filled tank and some normal balloons. This helium gas tank costs 129 dhs , but for this October month they have an offer price ie for Aed 99 only

It comes packed in aa cute Mini box and there is a manual book on how to operate it . It’s pretty simple and easy within 5 minutes you could easily finish filling 30 big balloons.

Remove the cover on the tank , you would get a nozzle ,attach it to the tank and then open the tank and press down the nozzle and fill in the balloons. After you finish using , if there is still Gas left in tank be sure to close the tank to re use for later 

 I ordered for my girls birthday , both of them simply enjoyed it … definitely adults supervision is required to fill the balloons.

The only thing to be careful is , the air fills in fast so be sure not to blow it up too much than the normal capacity so it will blast up ….

It’s ideal to fill the balloons two hours prior the event .


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