Bangalore Empire , is one of the famous restaurants owned by Malayalies (keralites) in Bangalore .

I had lived some time in Bangalore , one of the restaurant that we could safely eat as it’s halal was Bangalore Empire .

They were famous for their ghee rice , brain pepper fry , chicken kaabab …. you could literally see all tables just having this back in Bangalore …: I am talking about some 11 years ahead story …

Faster forward to now , they have opened up tow outlets here in dubai one in Qusais and other Karama , the karama one has party hall and all .

This Ramadan I got many request about Bangalore Empire , if had check their  Iftar buffet . Some wanted to keep Iftar party too. So two days back we planned to check out here , do Iftar but last minute plans changed So we broke Iftar at home and went for dinner .

We reached around 8 pm , and they said Iftar buffet was still there or we could opt ala carte . We opted for the buffet .

The Iftar buffet at Bangalore empire is quite decent , almost all of their special is included , For Aed 43 dhs you get to eat the best of Bangalore empire .

It starts with two variety of soups , chicken and veg , then the salads .  Then one of the star dish is next , the chicken kabaab I love those . These are crispy chicken fry actually but soft inside 
Then the main course starts with breads , coin porotta is the main attraction in it . 

The mutton biriyani is sooo yum , loved it more than chicken biriyani . They have their famous ghee rice too. 
For the gravies there was  speciall chicken 65 , fish chilly , special chicken gravy , mutton curry , butter chicken . Their butter chicken is also quite liked by many , but I some how don’t  like it much 

They also have decent option of vegetarians. Veg dishes were veg Manchurian , egg roast , veg noodle , veg kurma and daal curry .

I should definitely mention one star dish of the show it was , the fish masala  it was so yum .

Desserts selection wasn’t that great there was vermicelli phirni , chocolate pudding and gulab jamun …. wished a tea was included in buffet .

The buffet includes only soft drink s and if your there for Iftar , they give fruits , juice and two snacks as complimentary ….. which is pretty good .

If you say you want to sang dishes for buffet they don’t have , it’s not that kind of buffet , they have their own speciality buffet so limited number of items , good you don’t take too much and waste also you can taste all.t

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[wpvideo KUBmCjzn]​


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