Before my wedding , I had total zero knowledge of different kinds of chocolate cakes . I just knew a basic chocolate cake and vanilla cake . And always used to buy cake mix and bake , was never keen on doing cakes from scratch. I am still not keen on baking cakes as mostly it’s a flop .

After wedding it’s from one of my salkarams (party for newly weds at relatives home ) , My husbands cousin sis Salitha, served me this warm brownie with ice cream , nuts and chocolate sauce . The first spoon itself I was like what on earth is this combination, I had never had this warm cake with ice cream . Being a new bride , I had to be little shy so asking for a second serving was kind of awkward for me at that time . Later after weeks when  I moved into Bangalore, Corner house was one of my favourite spot. I always used to have their special Death Bite Chocolate, it’s warm chocolate brownie with their warm sauce and ice cream and nuts . This dessert from corner house is pure heaven , it’s a must place to visit when  in Bangalore . Also it’s quite rich or could say heavy chocolate dose. My version is very basic and simple . 

This recipe is Salitha’s , Masha Allah she is one creative and multitasking person I have met .  Who is literally all in all . Cooks amazing variety food , does painting and art crafts from waste , designs clothes, bedsheets etc and also has her own home boutique too .

Why do I call this an instant Brownie ? It is because you can make it quick with the stuffs in your home and also if you don’t have cake beater , don’t worry  just use the blender(mixer) and mix to a batter .. And another instant thing , is it’s just mix all together , there is nothing like separating eggs or beating sugar and butter etc .

You can add instant coffee powder or vannilaa essence for flavour if you like , I have tried adding both. Also I have made it as both brownie and as an instant cake .

Instant cake I meant is cooked in my electric cookie maker .

Some FAQ about the electric cookie maker .

  • It is a normal brand of cookie maker I bought from Deira , Naif . Have seen the same in Dragont Mart too . Will get in any electronic retailing shops.The brand I got was NOVA
  •  It’s for Aed 60 , it’s actually meant for making Arabic dates cookie , but I have never made any cookie in it , only mini cakes . 
  • It’s easy to clean and use , also portable too.
  • Cake cooks well ,fast and is soft too .
  •  Only what I have felt is the difference in taste , the instant one tastes different than the conventional baked one. Instant one tastes more like microwave mug cake kind or steamed cake . 
  • I have had this for four years now and it’s just for my instant and lazy mood baking , have gifted the same to my aunts too and they have loved it too .
  • It’s like bread sandwich maker kind technology ,  cooks well and takes almost that much space on kitchen counter .
  • Any time I love the  conventional baked brownie.
  • The instant electric maker requires just 3 mins to cook , well the convention baking for this recipe is 180c for 35 min and it’s really a yum brownie cake .

Today I am baking instant as it’s for a party and want to give as individual mini servings . You can bake in normal baking tray or in cup cake liners too.


  • Flour – 1.5 cup
  • Sugar powder- 1.5 cup
  • Butter Melted- 3/4 cup 
  • Chocolate powder – 1/2 cup 
  • Baking power – 1 tsp
  • Vinegar -1 tbs
  • Milk – 1 cup
  • Egg-2 medium room temperature 


  • To the milk add vinegar and allow it to churn little to be sour cream .
  • Mix all together , yes there isn’t anything of adding first or last . I just mixed dry ingredients and to that added the wet ingredients .
  • In a greased pan pour the batter and bake 35-40 min at 180 degree ( some oven requiers lesser time or more time , so do check )
  • Or if using the electric cookie maker just slightly grease , on the switch and close the the machine , wait for 2 min for the red to turn green and pour the batter and close the lid again and wait for 3 min and it’s done.

Once when cooked cut in to cubes and serve . If it’s mini just serve it like that .

When serving warm it in microwave , add nuts and chocolate sauce and serve with ice cream.


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