Kakkadampoyil is a small hill station  that lies between the border between Malappuram and Kozhikode (Calicut) . Also known as OOTY of Malabar. You could reach the place either from Nilambur (malappuram) or from Mukkam (calicut). Other way is from Thiruvambady.
As my husband is from MUKKAM , this  place is actually  near to MUKKAM. Long back my dad in law had some property in that area. So this place is really quite known to them . 

Kakkadampoyyil was actually agricultural place , all on your way you could still see many Rubber Estates . Still there are many private Estates (farms) . Also plenty of chicken farms .

Just recently may be three years back tourism started to develop in here .Last vacation my dad in law did persuade us to visit his some friends farm but we were too tied up and we couldn’t . So this year as soon as I reached Calicut first thing I planned was a day trip. And I regretted not visisting this place before .

Also now some  resorts and homestay have come up in that area and also a water park is there . The other major attraction to see is the famous KOZHIPPARA WATER FALLS . I even heard a boating will also start up soon. 

Unfortunately the day we planned the trip , it was raining heavily, as it wasn’t safe for us to visit the water falls with kids . We missed it .

On way we did see many small water canals, and water falls all are fresh mountain water . Also there is a  drinking water factory in that area.

Infact there are many water falls near by to KAKKADAM POYYIL  few kilometers apart are THUSHARA GIRI water falls and ARRIPARA water falls . All these are  near by just 15 -20 mins drive away . 

KOZHIPPARA , has so many historic relevance too.  I  heard Pazhassi Raja came here to hide in a cave . The place is ideal for  for back packers  .Kozhippara is surrounded by thick forests and lush green landscapes, ideal for trekking and rock climbing. This water fall is very well known tourist destination to enjoy serene jungle and to relax  . Also my dad in law said , some time back during summer ,elephants  and other wild animals did come to land from the jungle to drink water .

Other than water fall the next main highlight is the mini water amusement park . Which we visited with kids.

Be sure not to miss some view points on way to Kakkadam Poyyil . If it’s not raining much and less of fog , you could see amazing scenic lush green beauty and capture many good clicks . We stopped around two or three places due to the mist and rain we just enjoyed the weather and couldn’t capture any pics in my mobile. There is only two hairpin (bends) on way to the hill station .

PEE VEE AR group has developed that area with a kids water amusement park and Nature Resort . I haven’t gone to the resort . Just went to the water park , if your from Dubai or have been to many other water parks , please don’t come in with that expectation. 

This water park is small but the view from the park and the weather is really amazing. When we visited  we were the only family there and we enjoyed the place too much as no bachelors and dress code. We felt the place is ideal for families for day trip . The park has some amusement rides also for the kids . And they have a mini food court with basic chips , ice creams, juice , tea and stuffs.

There is an entrance fee to the park and seperate fee for the amusement rides or water park . Which I felt is really weird . But that’s how it is in all parks in India. The place is still developing we can expect some more rides in near future . As of now there is a mini water slide , seperate small pool , a mini boating and then few other rides and swings for kids .

So the final verdict is it’s a good place to explore as day trip . And the highlight of the trip is on way you could see many small shacks (taddukada) serving tapioca and beef or omelette . And yes the strong cup of tea from the park ❤️



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