(When I checked in my drafts this post wasn’t published yet, which I feel isn’t fair cause many asked me the details of the same . So please read this travel diary for the month of August as this was an August journal written in present tense 😬 not changing any bit just posting the same 😅)

Kotakkunnu is a hill garden situated in Malappuram , its known as Marine Drive of Malappuram (this info I read at Wikipedia).

“But they plan and Allah plans . And Allah is the best of planners” .Holy Quran 8:30 .

This vacation I had many plans , but Allahs plans was a different one for me . Due to an un expected small injury , a ligament tear . I had to cancel all my plans and accept my Lords  best plan for me , that was a cast for two weeks . Even though I was literally stuck in the cast and couldnt walk.The positive things that happend with me were I read some stuffs , spend a lot of time contemplating and got lot of relaxation and care from people around me . One week at my inlaws and other one week with my mom and sister in Perinthalmanna , Malappuram Dst.

So it was my sisters sudden plan to take kids out . And she suggested kotakkunnu, some 20 mins drive from here home .

Kottakkunnu is situated in the heart of Malappurram town . There are two entrances to this place one is a Drive way and other one is by walking . As I couldn’t walk we opted to drive through car to the top of the hill park . As we were in car,  we  missed the the trekking and sightseeing part. My sister said steps are paved through out the hill and we could climb up till to the top .

There is an entrance fee per head and a parking fee to the park . Also a separate fee for each sub parks within.

At the top of the Hill , it’s a big ground with different parks .

So what’s all inside Kotakkunnu?

There is a Children Traffic Park . It has some rides for kids .

There are Jumping  castles Park  , it’s is another area. We didn’t go there as kids were tired .anither park is the Adventure Park , which is really cool for kids and adults . Above 8 years old you could attempt any adventure , there is a zip line ,

Kottakkunnu park contains an Open Air theater, Lalitha Kala Academy Art gallery, a water theme park, Adventure Park, Kids traffic park, Balloon Park, 16D Cinema.

Each season there are different fests happening there , when we were there they were preparing for food festival.

And one more thing the adventure activities please do it in your own risk.


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