From very young itself I used to love watching cooking shows , be it any language or any chefs show . Even though I used never experiment anything I saw , but  used to see them regularly. I was always in awe struck seeing how they make cooking sooo easy and effortlessly in on screen but in reality cooking isn’t that easy 😅 .

Chef Tarek Ibrahim’s cooking show I saw them for for the first time in @fatafeatchannel , exactly some 10 years back !!!!According to him cooking needs to come from the heart and it’s easy if you enjoy it too❤️. If you happen to see his shows , you could notice how he cooks simple and easy recipes and also along with cooking he sings songs and poetry , cracks jokes . 

Few weeks back , I met him in person while attending the master chef Class by @lambandbeef and @webermiddleeast In @topchefcookingstudio .

 He was just the same person like how i saw him onscreen ,sang many songs , shared many tips and made sure the session was an interactive and interesting one . Thanks to 
@goodmagazineuae for giving me this opportunity.

Check out the links of 

Australian Meat
Good magazine

Weber Middle East
Master Chef Tarek

Winter ahead in #dubai means it’s time to take your Bbq grills and feast on meats … 

Sharing some of the tips he shared .

🔹First one was about a free app called MEAT CUT , it gives you ideas about different meat cuts and which meat to buy when grilling , roasting or making stew.

🔹Australian @lambandbeef are grass fed and tastes better than American and Japanese meats.

🔹Tenderloin is just an over rated meat cut , flat iorn steak is much cheaper and more tastier.

🔹You dont need to marinate meat ahead or add in many spices , the simpler the more tastier . Just ensure meat is kept 1 hrs in room temperature before grilling .

🔹When grilling on a stove in a pan , then add the salt last as you don’t want meat to reduce fast and caramelize …. but if in a griller or oven it’s fine to add salt when ever.

🔹Always grill your meat on high flame . 

🔹Grilled steak needs resting time , after cooking cover with a foil and keep it for half of the cooking time to rest .

🔹How to check a meat is done just press it with your fingers , if it bounces back it’s medium rare.

🔹Most of his recipes are there in @goodmagazineuae .

🔹And best Australian meat you can shop from @primegourmetdxb 

🔹I watch Chef Tareks cooking shows in @fatafeatchannel , they are in Arabic still you can understand 


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