When have you had flaky , fresh yet mini fuss free pastries recently ?  . Well I had them from #minipani , which has opened up in Ethidad Mall , Mirdif .

They are available in talabat and zomato to place order . They do delivery too . 

They offer high quality and affordable pastry, all of them are priced less than 5 dhs 

Pastries are available in both sweet and savory fillingsz

Best thing it’s not greasy pastry and nor too sweet or salty . Perfect for your hitea, breakfast or any parties at home .

So here’s what was in my box : 

  • Calzone 
  • Mini Croissant with Cocoa 
  • Mini with Apricot Filling 
  • Mini with Cherry filling 
  • Mini with Chicken Ham & Cheesee
  • Mini with White Cheese  and many more .

All look good too cute in different shapes and very light to eat too.

Also had their Oreo drink which was also yum .

Dont they look fresh just from oven 😍



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