Baking was never my passion even though I  try  a lot of desserts …..baking is a skill , like any other skill this also requires some level of creativity, patience, dedication and interest…..though I do have interest in it , I don’t have the patience and dedication to over come a failure , try it again and again to make it successful. Naaah It’s not my cup of tea .

I know one of my friend  Ms. Polly, who did start from zero and now has her own bakery . In her 40 years she had never done any baking or made  dessert or any major cooking . At the age of 42 she moved to dubai and in 5 years time she did discover her new passion and quitted her 8-6 job to fulfill her passion as a career and I can say she is successful in it. I can proudly say I was her initial guniea pig (no offense to any animals ) , she literally used to bake and I was the tester to taste and give in reviews. She had her own special baking journal , where she used to write each and every minute thing of what she baked , the texture , the shape ,the  size and what all suggestions were said and what to improve next time .  Once Instead of adding sugar she did add salt , baked and gave us to try , many times her baked goodies were found in our office dustbin…… but with PATIENCE and DEDICATION, she became a well known blogger and baker in her community , she even started to courier her special pastries and cakes to US and U.K. , she had her own niche market and clientele . And even started giving personalized baking classes, yes one to one class. This year she moved back to Thailand  and did start her own hello kitty inspired home bakery .

When she started this home bakery in dubai ,  for selling purposes she was in need of  cake boxes and other stuffs , and thats how her DUBAI Encyclopedia aka me (self proclaimed status😂😂😂) found out this place . I was the only dubai friend she had then before becoming a  well known baker . If it was not for you Polly , I would have never known about this store in my neighborhood.

Such a long story for a store , phew 😅 Am I nuts !!! … definitely in near future you can see more of Polly’s stuff and what I learned from here in my blog . 

Let’s talk about today’s store . Falcon Pack, the flagship company of the Falcon Group, is the leading manufacturer and distributor of disposable packaging products for the food service and consumer markets in the Middle East. Established in 1992, the company Falcon Pack has emerged to be a market leader in each of its segments offering with an overwhelming range of products.
I happend to google and find out their Nad Al Hammar store , which is in my neighborhood, right behind dubai festival city to be precise behind the Deira International School .
The Falcon Pack store has both whole sale and retail disposable packaging stuffs like , glass, plates , bowl , spoons  , also they have aluminum foil , freezer bags , cling wrap , cake boarsds , cupcake stand ,cake boxes ,  cupcake covers , mini dessert bowl , mini dessert tray , piping bag ,tissues ,  hand wash , detergent etc …. 

Have a look of the stuffs I saw and yes I did buy few for my eid dessert . I got the  mini dessert bowl and also cup cake boxes . 

Prices are lesser than the normal supermarkets and also they have offers each week .

Any of my relatives who come from my home town ; Kerala , this is a tourist destination for them . Yes I do take  them here and they  do thank me a lot . 


Thabove black containers are microwave safe Containers .

The different kinds of plastic serving trays and bowls , apt for finger foods 

The cake stands , cake box and trays . Spoons , sheets , cupcakes bowls etc


That’s their number I found online check out  04 285 2050

Do check out and let me know .



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