I love this , Pista Mango Kulfi Falooda. 

Falooda is my families favourite dessert in my home  , specially my brothers he needs them in a BIG JAR , literally a big one ….my aunt Nesy Kamar is our official falooda maker …. any function she makes it , and I can say any day her falooda is the best of best . With fruits ,jelly , nuts etc you would definitely ask for a second serving too ….Nesy Aunty this post is for you , thanks for making falooda for us for the last 20 years. 

So this is an inspired version of her style falooda with some changes to suit with the stuffs I had at my home .  Normally  she makes rose milk syrup , basil seeds and she adds mixed fruits, jelly … and then tops with two different flavours of ice cream too…..

This is just an altered way of hers …
Also this falooda I can proudly say it’s a blessing in disguise , a day ahead I attempted to bake the famous pistachio milk cake with pistachio sauce ……..unfortunately it was a disaster , the cake dint bake well and the pistachio sauce was kind of with too much pistas and it had a bitter strong nutty taste too …. so one of my main ingredient of todays falooda is this pista sauce in a new avatar .

Also two days ahead I did make kilikoodu aka birds nest , the recipe is there in my blog , I did open up a packet of vermicelli…. so I had to finish that too … moreover I went for shopping today and found these cute Kerala vintage tea drinking glasses , I wanted to experiment something in that too , so that’s how this falooda came into action . 

So let’s start the action , this is just a layered Indian dessert , layers of vermicelli, basil seeds , pista sauce , cream , mangoes , icecream and nuts .

The easiest way to assemble a falooda is make each ingredient ready in a bowl and  at a go fill each glasses together so every layer is there in all glasses .

This the glass which I got for 9 dhs , yes 8 glasses for that price from TATI in Mirdif city Centre .


The ingredients pics (not a sponsored post , what I had at home just a took a pic in rush ) 


Vermicelli layer

  • Vermicelli- 1 cup rosted vermicelli 
  • Milk -1.5 cup
  • Sugar -3 tbs
  • Rooh hafza- 1/2 -1 tbs (can add any essence )

Boil the vermicelli and milk together , it will start to cook up and thicken , once when it’s semi thick , then you switch it off add the rooh hafza , this is for the pink color to come . As  this is a pista included dessert , I would say can opt a green colour pista squash or mango squash too …. keep this into freezer to chill for 15 min. (Thaadi Pista flavour is great too ) 

Pista  sauce 

  • Pista milk – 1 cup Pista grinded in 3/4 cup milk
  • Evaporated milk -1.5 cup
  • Milk -1/2 cup
  • Condense milk – 3-4 tbs

Mix above all together and boil , once boiled reduce flame and keep stirring to reduce it little bit .Be sure to stirr it well . Off the flame and keep in freezer to chill .

* I had to edit and add this as I got many doubts regarding the evaporated milk , it’s totally optional …. instead replace with normal milk but make sure , you boil and reduce to make it slightly thick pista sauce …

Cream layer

  • Fresh cream / thick cream / whipping cream – any cream 1/2cup
  • Condense milk -2tbs 

Mix both and keep in the freezer to chill 

Mango layer

  • Mangoes-2 ripe mangoes cubed and smashed with fork . 

Basil (kas kas) or chia seed layer 

  • Kas kas -2 tbs
  • Water 1 cup

First put in a sieve and wash it , then pour water and keep aside for it to soak and bloat up . 

Icecream layer 

  • Kulfi Icecream – Store bought Kulfi icecream or any 

All the above layers I kept it in the freezer for 15 mins to chill .

  • Pistachio -1/2 chopped 
  • Rooh Hafza -1/2 tbs 

You need a fancy glass or bowl to serve this falooda 
So let’s start the Pista Mango Kulfi falooda

  • In a glass jar or bowl first add 2 tbs of the pink vermicelli layers 
  • Then to that add 2 tbs of pistachio sauce .
  • Then add the 2 tbs of mango smashed 
  • Then add the 2 tsp of cream layer 
  • Then add 1 tbs of kas kas ( basil seed)
  • Then add the pista sauce again 
  • Top it wit 2 scoop of Kulfi icecream and add Pista , mango and rooh hafza 
  • Chill and serve . 

This pic below , each ingredient is ready to be layered in glass .

So all the layers and glass is ready . 

Layer it as you wish 

I do adore a fellow blogger Sadia ,also a school friend of mine , she has a yummy mango falooda recipe too , have seen it some time back , do check out if you crave for more different varieties of mango falooda . 



  1. Woow your version of mango falooda looks tooo delicious Shabina. I love thick faloodas like this. I have saved this recipe, in shaa Allah will try soon. And sending lots of love for the mention. Very thoughtful of you. 😘❤️


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