Milk cake or tres leches cake is a soft sponge cake, poked and milk cream is poured and topped with whipping cream .

Why tres leches name ? It is because it uses three kinds of milk i.e. Evaporated milk , condensed milk and fresh milk .

The best tres leches I have had so far was from home bakery cafe in Dubai and he’s they do have different flavours too , like rose milk cake and pistachio milk . All tastes awesome and its super pricey too .

Milk cake is now trending in dubai . I have had saffron milk cake , lavender milk cake , vimto milk cake . But nothing can beat the original classic milk cake .

Last eid I wanted to try pistachio milk cake as my brother is a big fan of it , so to impress him and my insta followers I tried a recipe from a friend , it was a cake using butter unfortunately the cake was too dense for me and the nuts used weren’t great . I had to literally throw the cake .

Then again I did further research with experts and Sara a dessert queen , suggested me to replace oil instead of butter . And I tried was mini cup cakes and it did turn out well , but still I wasn’t happy as it dint look wow .

Because as I wasn’t happy , I dint publish the recipe . Yes I did personal messagefew of my insta followers who really wanted to try .

This eid again I planned to attempt, as I did promise this recipe to many …. this time I consulted with my in house expert , my Mom in law. She has never heard of milk cake but she does bake a lot of normal cake …. so what I requested her was for a no fail soft sponge cake and I planned to incorporate the milk cake aspect into it . As she has a small catering of her own and a bakery in her family  from very young age , she knows quite a lot .  What she suggested was make a basic simple sponge cake .

So this is her basic sponge cake recipe with little add ons, her cake has just  flour , egg and sugar …. and trust me that cake is also really soft .  What I added extra were cornflour , as I have read some where adding cornflour makes cake flour and also little baking powder to puff up .

The cake has four steps  , the first step is cake baking and second is the milk cream and third is whipping cream and fourth step is to indulge in it happily ….

So to the basic milk cake recipe you can add any flavour or essence to make the desired  flavoured milk cake.

Today I am trying the Pistachio milk cake so      for the pistachio flavour , I am using pistachio paste i.e. good quality pistas and little milk blended together to a fine paste . Also a little Pista essence and green colour  (which you could totally avoid too) .  Please taste your pistas and smell your essence before adding . My first trial cake’s pistas were bitter and it had really bad nutty flavour .

Pistachio Paste 

  • 1 cup (or more) pistachios and 3 tbs milk togethere blended well to a fine smooth paste .

And yes this  recipe tastes yum when it’s given good time to rest and soak in all of the milk .  I did make two cakes today one just had 2 hours resting time with the milk and other cake I have kept it for over night so will update that here later . The quick cake was also really soft and had all the flavours .

Recipe of this cake is a no fail , and any one can bake .  My mom in law bakes this cake in a pressure cooker too, just you shouldn’t add the whistle and it should be on really on sim fire. Also alternatively you could make it in a non stick pan and cook on sim fire …. just grease and dust well . Most of the YouTube vidoes I saw the pour the milk cream to the cake tin they baked cake. As I wanted to take good pictures I took it to another bowl .

Also today I have baked in the electric oven at 180c for 30 min .

Let’s get into the recipe


Step 1

  • Pistachio sponge Cake
  • Flour -1 cup
  • Sugar -1 cup ( i just powdered so it’s easy to mix)
  • Egg-3 nos if big and 4 if small ( I used 4)
  • Corn flour -1 Tbs
  • Baking powder-1/4 tsp
  • Vannila essence – 1 tsp
  • Pista essence -1/4 tsp to 1 tsp
  • Pistachio paste – 3 tbs
  • Green colour – small pinch ( I used natural green colour )

The most important step for this cake to be soft is to beat the egg and sugar really fluffy pale yellow colour

Beat egg and sugar togethere , really fluffy to that add rest of all the dry Ingredients (corn flour , baking soda ) and fold in to get a super silky batter .

To the cake batter then add in the vanilla essence , green colour , Pista essence and Pistachio paste and fold in well too.

Grease the tin and pour the batter and bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 30 mins. I used aluminum cake pans and baked in electric oven .

Once the cake is baked , take it out from the oven and allow it too cool for some time.

Later I  took  it out from the tin and kept it to another bowl and just poked holes with a fork . (Be sure the bowl is little deep as we have to pour the milk)

Last step is to pour in the milk cream . And allow it too cool in fridge .

Step 2 

Milk cream

  • Fresh Milk – 1 cup ( if in India please boil the milk and allow it to cool)
  • Condensed milk – 1 tin
  • Evaporated Milk- 1 tin (if you don’t have it’s fine or else just boil milk and allow it to boil to be 1/2 of it )
  • Cream- 1 packet / tin (I guess  it was  220 gm tin )
  • Pistachio paste-4 tbs
  • Green colour- small pinch (optional)
  • Pista essence- smal pinch (optional)

Mix all together for a yummy tasty milk cream , which should be poured on top of the milk cake.

After pouring milk on one side , I just flipped it carefully and poured on the back side of cake too (this is optional, cake does become soft pouring on one side alone  )

And then allow the cake to cool in the fridge .

Step 3

  • Whipping cream -1 cup or more

I used fresh whipping cream . As the cake and milk cream is sweet , don’t need to add in any extra sugar to the whipping cream . But the whipping cream I got here in kerala , was slightly sweet .

Whip the cream and after few hours of cooling in the milk cream , pour the whipping cream on top of the cake and it’s ready to serve .
I just decorated with few pistachio slices and chocolate pearls.


  1. Wow
    The cake looks yumm and the pistachios flavor is tried less by anybody
    But i want to in shaa allah try baking the cake in pressure cooker
    Jazakallah khair for sharing good


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