Enjoy the ultimate Ramadan shopping experience at @ramadannightmarket in Dubai world trade Centre .

The entrance fee is just Aed 5 and with ticket you get a 25 percent off dine in voucher at one of the food stalls called cutting chai 

So yesterday  I had an Iftar in @dwtc_duabj and while walking way back to car parking I saw this @ramadannightmarket hoarding and what I did was literally walked through it to car park exit …. so I just got around a 5 -8 min sneak peak only  ….. 

From what  I saw was exhibitors  from around the world and dubai have pop up stall and selling stuffs

Exhibitors from India have come with amazing Indian stuff like jewelry , dress materials, stole , sandals etc Truley Indian vibe .  I don’t know the prices of each stuffed such  , when just causally checked diff ranges from 150-500 dhs , which was pretty decent pricing .

The place wasn’t crowded at all as I visited around 8.30 pm , could hear Radio Rj hosting some shows also 

There was A kids play area .

So this ramdan after Iftar , if you plan to have suhoor out , then this is the best idea you could shop and there is a food court too inside so could have suhoor too.

  1. Timings it’s from 8pm-2am
  2. The market is open from  1st June- 10 June only
  3. Entrance fee is 5dhs
  4. It’s located inside Dubai World Trade Centre , Hall 7 & 8 . 

So yeah if any of you go do check out and let me know what you guys got ….


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