Steamed Milk Egg Pudding  aka Paal Mutta Urapichath is what Sana Basheer calls it , yes this recipe was shared by Sana Basheer in an fb food community

Well for me its egg pudding …. this is was something I used to have in my childhood , one of the basic fancy pudding those days . During my Kerala vacation  visits my aunts used to always make this , as a kid I used to never like payassam (traditional Kerala dessert ) so this is what they used to make for the NRI kid 😂😂😂… it’s an easy peasy dessert with very less cooking time and procedure .

And yeah this same recipe they used to make custard i.e. cook over gas top and then chill in freezer and give us as ice cream , but that I used to never fancy as me being a dubai girl,  used to have Baskin Robins back then also , hence their basic ice cream I used to never crave but this pudding yes I could eat it all ….
Do check out the recipe and let me know if you guys make it and love it as much as I did .


  • Milk 1 cup
  • Milk powder 4 tbs
  • Sugar 3 tbs
  • Egg 3 nos
  • Cardamom 2 nos 
  • Saffron one pinch 
  • Ghee/butter 1 tbs


  • In a blender except saffron and butter add all mix well to a juice , sieve it 
  • Grease butter in a glass bowl or silicon mold or steel pan .
  • And pour the egg milk mixture to pan and add the saffron strands and steam it for 15 mins
  • Chill it and cut and indulge 
  • Notes
  • You can use 1 bread or 1 tsp semolina if you want the milk cake to be little hard like creamery kind 
  • The last pic has a spread do check out my page for all other recipes too 
  • Jorenq food community was known as uae food guide before



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