My mom asked where were you last night and I said , That place ! She asked me again where ? ‘That place mom’, she got furious which place ? 🤣🤣🤣 in a mood to write some comic strip .

Well any ways That place is a new concept in town . And new concepts are always welcomed whole heartedly by all foodies in town . So this cool trendy name in Insta was very catchy and since then wanted to try out the place .

That place is located in jumeira , did meet the brains behind this concept  , Ms Arpita a finance manager by professions who had a passion for cooking and that’s how she took up chef classes and now ended up with a cool concept cafe in Jumeira . 

The concept here is everything stuffed inside the bun . All the buns are hand made and baked as per order . So there is a 15-20 kind of waiting time , as the buns are stuffed fresh and baked on spot . But don’t worry you won’t be bored they have kept some board games and cards.

Coming to the buns we had , their portion sizes are great they have small buns for individuals, this is to taste the bun , then small medium buns and long buns to share with family and friends . Also you can make your own buns , ie select bun size and filling and dips 

They have Mexican , Indian, Lebanese and continental flavoured buns . Also breakfast and dessert buns .

The dessert we tried was great Lotus crazy , it was ideal for 4-5 to share . The lotus dessert bun was slightly hard for us , not soft melt in mouth . Two big buns stuffed with lotus and and sauces poured over .

But both the savory buns were really soft one was the meat and other was chicken filled.
The French fries were great with some special sauce. 
The drinks we had were fresh orange juice and lotus milk shake , lotus was light milkshake.
My niece and kiddo enjoyed,that place .


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