For my sisters friends wedding I did design two dresses one for my mom and one for my sister to wear ,  all the materials were shopped from Meena bazar .

When I posted the outfit in insta , I got many messages from my followers asking from where I shopped .

Well guys I shopped it all  from Vashu Matching Centre , they had a sale going on for  the month of June 2017 , But I did call them today 30 June  Friday to confirm about the sale and they did say they have extended it for a month too , i.e. for July too . Anyways give a call to confirm about sale .
If you plan to customize your dress for any wedding or party or any occasions do come here and shop , they have  wide variety of different ranges materials available, be it silk , cotton , georget , chiffon , pure silk , raw silk  , denim , cotton silk , satin, brocade , velvet  and many more . They even do material dye.

VASHU Trading is an old matching Centre in Meena bazar , Burdubai. They used  had a small shop too before , but now they have  just this one big store to my knowledge, to say exact location it’s kind of confusing for me …. that’s their contact number . Please do call and check for location , place is really easy accessible and there is lot of paid parking too (provided you get it 🙈)

  • Number – 04 3524773
  • Timings -9 am -1.30 pm , 5pm-10 pm
  • They do accept card and cash

One tip is to look for some tolerant salesman to assist you , incase you have many stuffs to check and match , I went just before their lunch break because of that the young sales guys was in a hurry  which made me and him really upset , some times I get a design inspiration or an idea after seeing the clothes there yes impromptu shopping and design

    • So this is what I stiched for my sister and mom , just a small glimpse of their outfit . It’s a full dress . The blue dresses , entire materials are sourced from Vashu , the green dress also except the georget floral  thread material it was from Naif , Kuwaiti Souq.

      Laces were from another shop , will post details of the same too .

      So do you guys want to see what all I saw and shopped at Vashu while sale was there , th collections keeps on changing , present sale is on all stock now .

      < b> The laces I got are simple ones , just posting some laces I loved . Prices are of different ranges .< strong>< a href=””><<

      aseem and Capital are other two lace shops I check out often

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