Ymi isn’t it such a catchy name , the new juice and snacks cafe opened up in barsha .

The interiors are really done well , specially the menu display board it’s very catchy and appealing to the eyes. The live green wall effect with plastic leaves and the chalk board effect menu . Also just loved how they colour coordinated the store .

All the names for the drinks were are also too funky . Catchy names and the menu had mini description of the juices ingredients.

We had their broken heart a thick shake of strawberry, banana, mango and pomegranate. It was good tasted like cocktail kind .

The snickers milk shake was too good , the best I had after a long .

The coffee shake was just okay kind.

The fruits with cream and honey was a good idea , very fresh and light to tummy ,

Unfortunately we dint try their savory crepes , the crepe we had were the sweet version , Nutella crepe with bananas , I didn’t like that much.

The place has just thick shakes , juices , crepes and ice softy . They could add in few more desserts to their menu like milk cake or any other bite size desserts .

If your in that vicinity and crave for some thick milk shakes do stop by here . Other than that the concept is pretty much same other Cafeterias or Juice stores . The good part is , fortunately they have car parking near their cafe .


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